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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Why would I enjoy a stupid movie? (Or TV program, book, &c.) That's not limited to the anti-science stupidity of movies like "Star Wars", either. I'd rather see people using intelligence to solve their problems...
Every movie is stupid in some way. Even documentaries are not a 100% reflection of reality--whoever directed it chose what footage to show and what to leave out, whoever wrote the voiceover did the same, and these reflect their perceptions and biases and agenda. Historically-based movies are often gross misrepresentations or exaggerations of the events or eras they portray. If you're looking for media that's entirely congruent with reality...well, I guess you can sit and stare at a blank wall. Even academic articles are biased, by virtue of being produced by humans. I don't think something is necessarily "stupid" just because it's fantasy or misrepresents reality--the ability to fantasize is one thing that distinguishes us from every other species on this planet, as far as we can tell.

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