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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
Also, thingstodo: Does your stepson need a Siemens motor? I've got one. It's practically brand new - first it sat in Brammo's shop, where they were going to do a 4 motor AWD racecar. Then I got it and it sat in my shop. (I've decided to go with the Toyota MGR
Andrew has a siemens motor, from EVTV, along with the adapter plate to make it fit netgain motor/transmission adapter plates.

I, on the other hand, could use a Siemens motor.

But looking at this holistically, it would be better for both of us if you could find someone local to purchase it .. the shipping to Canada will be nasty .. it was nasty from EVTV .. and the forms to get it through customs are not pleasant to fill out.

I think I'm dreaming of using a TESLA drivetrain (motor/gearbox/controller) with an EVTV CAN interface (to feed the controller the codes that it wants) for my next build. But that assumes that I can find someone to solve the problems of mating a TESLA rear-end to the axles and suspension of a one ton truck. I'm not really a car guy .. I like trucks. And if I'm going to do a conversion, it may as well be able to haul my boat. It just doesn't need to do that at 130 mph (if I don't increase the tire size ... maybe 160 mph if I do)

This, of course, assumes that I finish:
1 - my Mazda build (DC netgain 11, maybe P&S controller)
2 - my grandson's go-cart-like vehicle (48V, Curtis controller),
3 - a side-by-side quad that is based on the WIKISPEED open source design

... so any new project, including the truck, is a ways into the future!
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