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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
I can't get any lower than 1 ... and there is still some MEAN overshoot ... so how bad does using decimals mess up your code, Paul?
Umm ... dumb question ...

Can you test for a larger (much larger) current instead of the target 20 amps (I think that's what you said the target was)?

Like .. maybe .. 200 amps? Or 2000 amps? That's sorta like having on decimal place (200) or 2 decimal places (2000) on Kp and Ki, right?

The motor is rated for 400 amps continuous, so pushing 200 amps is no problem. 2000 may be a bit more of a challenge, depending on how much energy is stored in that big ring-cap .. instead of messing with your math code.

Let me know!
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