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Originally Posted by UltArc View Post
The XL1 sits in at 795. I'll believe it when I see it.
Frank Lee:
They use a slightly different definition of "endurance" than I do... I'm thinking this will be on the frail end of the spectrum as in, a big pothole might take this out
Exactly the point I was attempting to make.

Even though it's a mid engine rear drive carbon-fiber car, VW has the sense not to infer that the XL1 is a sports car. However, the Immortus is being sold with the words "The advanced aerodynamics and chassis design allow to to feel and drive like a truly nimble and balanced sports car. "

However, to achieve it's "immortality" goals, they use tires even smaller than those on the XL1. (according to the Gizmag link) Tires are kind of critical if you want "nimble" performance. Also, they are building the motors into the "uprights" - struts in normal lingo - so they aren't really "wheel motors," they're just small motor/gearboxes with a poor location choice. In this case, they have all the disadvantages of wheel motors (unsprung mass) with none of the advantages (simplicity).

Not to say a light car is impossible - Lotus came awfully close to that weight with the 1st generation Elise - 725kg. Now there is a truly nimble and balanced sports car. Oh yeah, didn't someone make an electric version. . . hmmm Oh yea . . Tesla or ... The problem is, that with most current technology, that the EV battery/drivetrain weighs more than the gas drivetrain. It's getting close to even, but I think it would be unrealistic to claim a weight reduction due to the electric drive train. I guess you could lower the weight by severely underpowering it, but then you could also put a scooter motor in the Elise...
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