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Originally Posted by IamIan View Post
I think your including vehicle components in the term 'drivetrain' that most people do not traditionally include with that term... ie (battery or gas tank)

Traditional usage neither term (drivetrain or powertrain) includes the gas tank itself part of the system .. nor the gasoline itself in the gas tank.
Yes; I am including those because it seems to me all components involved in an system need to be included. A gas car won't go very far w/o a gas tank and gas, just as an EV won't get very far w/o a battery.

The traditional usage was predicated on the assumption that all vehicles will use a gas tank, exhaust system, etc. I'm merely extending the concept for a fair comparison.

Saying a small battery is adequate for "infinite" travel is ok as long as you're ok w/ going 37mph - neighborhood electric vehicle speed during the peak solar hours from 11:00 > 3:00. This won't be very useful on US highways, or even many back roads. Personally I would gladly swap the solar panels for more batteries, and put more solar panels into my grid-tied home system.
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