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First spin - 12V inflator as a motor

config works

rtd-period 100 works
rtd_period 100 does not work

Here is a capture where I slowly ramp up the throttle. Sometimes ramping slowly works, sometimes it does not. When my little motor (inflator) turns on the throttle signal seems to go pretty unstable - I'm not changing the throttle position. Perhaps it's just a crappy little potentiometer/throttle that is the problem?

TR is throttle, mine appears to go from 0 - 166
CR is current reference, mine appears to match TR
CF is unknwon, values appear to be 2, 9 and 7
PW is PWM output appears to be 0 - 510
HS is unknown, appears to be 270 constant
RT is unknown, range is 408 to 717
FB is unknown, always seems to be 0
BA is battery amps, my little battery pack seems to top out at about 9 amps. This is reasonable to me - 3 panasonic 7a-h gel cells in series, the batteries were surplus and are about 10 years old.
AH is amp-hours (assume amp-hours consumed from battery). Never gets above 0 since I don't run for very long and at 9 amps, I'd need to run for maybe 40 or 45 seconds to register 0.1

Some capture data was removed to fit into the upload limit
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