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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
So, try this: turn off power to the control board, start with Kp = 941, Ki = 0, 1, 2, ... go from there. If Ki = 1 is the best, then that means I probably do need to increase the resolution of Kp and Ki after all. There is some room to do it though.
Take a look at 183 and 184. It looks to me like any non-zero ki-id value and your hardware overcurrent trips. So far I've tried 128 and 32 in my previous trials, 1 and 2 in this set of trials. All of them appear to turn off the test output.

183 has a successful test at kp-id 941 and ki-id 0 followed by changing ki-id to 1 and the output turning off

184 has the same as 183, but I changed ki-id to 2 instead. When the test failed to output, I changed ki-id back to 0 and run-pi-test did not output to the motor.

The 12V battery is charged back up to 13.04V. I added a switch to turn it on, beefed up some of the power cables so that they can take some decent current, and made a platform over the motors (ac and dc) so that I can mount the controllers there. I also need to support the encoder on the end of the DC motor .. when we get that far ..

While I'm waiting ... I'm going to try connecting my P&S 500 controller to my Warp 9 and do a .. I guess it's third spin for the controller, second spin for the motor, and first spin for the coupled motor. Results will be posted in the DC controller forum.
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