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Originally Posted by redneck View Post
Why did you opt for the Honda Insight instead of a much more common (in your country) fuel efficient VW Lupo ...???
There are several reasons.

The Lupo 3L is a nice car, but needs to repaired quite often. Poor quality.

I always wanted to have a hybrid.

I have seen the Honda the first time when I watched the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". And I thought that it's cool.

The Honda's price was low. Before buying it, I have asked for advice in a German Insight forum. One guy said that the price was okay even if the car needed some repair, e.g. a broken gear box.

And the nice story about getting it... the car was in Munich, I am living in between Hamburg and Lübeck. So how could I get there? By train, by plane, ...? When talking to the seller one day, he told me that he will travel to Hamburg soon to visit his mum. And he suggested that he could pick me up on his way back to Munich.

It was a nice road trip with a lot of conversation about cars, the Honda, and Porsches. He is a Porsche dealer who buys old 911, refurbishes them and sells them. He told me that he always buys a car that is somehow fascinating, drives it for one year and then sells it.

When I bought it, he gave me a lot of paper - every single maintenance and repair is well documented. That is unusual for a 15 year old car.

And the final reason was: this car has almost no problems. Except for the trip button on the dash board that works on every 2nd or 3rd press. And that typical headlight issue, they need to be polished. Gear box and engine need new oil, and it needs new front brakes. That's all.

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