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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Is there a precharge resistor for the dc controller? Also is there one for the ac controller? So the caps fill slowly before the contactor closes?
No. Yes. I cheated a bit - I only have so much space above the motors to mount parts. I'm using a single precharge, with contactor, for the AC controller and a single main contactor. I connected the DC controller DC bus to the AC controller DC bus, after the precharge and contactors. The AC controller does the 5 second precharge, then closes the main contactor and opens the precharge contactor. The contactors still both click for open and closed ... but there is 0.1 ohms across the terminals for the main contactor when it is 'off'.

So the signals from the DC controller for pre-charge contactor and main contactor are not used.

The precharge is a 10 ohm, 25 watt salvaged from a 600V controller.

The contactors are Gigavacs.

More investigation tonight.
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