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Well first off, (quoting the other forum guys) they claim that these vans only get low 20's in mileage. I got that for the first 100k miles on this van. But then I started having all kinds of gremlins and struggled to figure out the cause. So to make short of this explanation, my local Chevy dealer found a recall/warrantee on the stock computer. Then after he found the correct program for it, I've been getting mid twenty's with no other changes to the van. I can't say enough good things about how much better it runs after this was done.

So after reading down the list of mods others have done. My van already has several of those from the factory. For example smooth wheel covers. My stock hubcaps are very equal to the pictures shown. So I think I will start by repairing my front bumper cover (its cracked) and in the process I'll explore extending the front airdam a bit lower. Also my grill is cracked. So I'll look into blocking some of that off while I'm at it. I believe that these could show a little mpg gain, while cleaning up damage from an older deer hit. I'll post some pictures and results when its done.

edit - Yes its an automatic, v6, overdrive, and cruise control. 90+ % of my driving is all highway mileage.
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