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Originally Posted by aardvarcus View Post
I assume the "faux" components would essentially be non-functional and used for the wind tunnel test, but the other components would be functional for use when driving the truck?
Yes,some of the things I want to test would never survive on the road unless they were active,to accommodate weather, road clearance,or DOT regulations.
The windshield would have to be 'real.'
I can't lower the truck so I'll just let the air out of the tires 'n see if it shows on the computer screen.
Flush glass isn't going to happen.Nor a pliable cab/ bed gap-filler,or unit construction.
Lots of Gorrilla tape and aluminum sheet,Formular,etc.,composite mockups.
I will be able to simulate a 'future' in which these things were part of a production vehicle.
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