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I was 90% sure where the problem was, but was just a minor inconvience, and when the CEL was on it ran 99% fine. Plugged the SG2 into it last weekend and no MGP, AVE or GPH reading at all so I finally broke down and replaced the pigtail. Seems down on power but the butt dyno lies.

Ran into this guys site

2007 Chevrolet HHR

So I now have FFV HHR fuel map with same engine and tranny as my XFE and going enable it to make if FFV, if it works then KT's Cobalt. Today E85 might not be cheaper per mile but it will be again if at only the cost of tuner $100 I love the flexiblity. And he claims GM detunes the E85 to hurt it maybe the cost differential will be less the my current and previous GM FFV at 18%.
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