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LR Horrible Tire Wear

'97 Geo Metro 2D Hatch

I went to check tire pressure today (all at 40).. and noticed HORRIBLE washboard wavy tire wear on the Driver Rear tire. I jacked it up to make sure the bearings are solid (replaced 6k mile ago) Have been hearing more and more road noise-now explained.

20k miles on the current set, I have not rotated. The other 3 have enough tread to get me by for a while, I hate to buy 1 new tire.

I talked to my nephew that used to work at a tire shop.... he mention that it might be a worn out shock, said his van does that, and he just makes sure to rotate every 3kmiles to even it out over all the tires.

I'd rather not excel the wear so much and just fix the problem.

Anyone else go through this already?
Tires are $58 ea installed 155/80/13


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