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Well, it certainly didn't explode into tiny pieces, however, there is apparently a big hole in the bottom of the engine where the crankshaft comes out, and I think there were some other pieces completely missing, or badly disfigured. He said that technically it would be repairable with some JB weld and a bit of tinkering or something to that effect, but that it wouldn't be something that would necessarily last very long, so it didn't sound like a good idea. I could possibly try to get some pictures, though I'm not 100% sure where to look since my mechanical knowledge is pretty much limited to tightening belts and changing spark plugs...

I could get my dad to take a look at the damage, but if I wanted to get a second opinion from a mechanic, I'd be looking at another pair of $50 (Well, that's the minimum...) towing charges. (I guess that's not much in comparison to the cost of an engine though)
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