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Originally Posted by BabyDiesel View Post
I searched around and found these tires talked about on PriusChat. Might be worth looking into - MICHELIN Energy XM2 Car Tyres | Michelin Tyres Australia

Thanks for the tip and the research on tyres!

Re. side mirror mod Cowmeat, I've been trawling pick a part for a small set of side mirrors then attach an ideal body to the forward part of the body (increasing size but decreasing drag?), what are your thoughts? Also, will be bringing them further to the rear of the car door to get away from A pillar. Can't see them when I attached them on the front guard haha tried it at the wreckers - no good.

Wifey has said scangauge not till xmas but in terms of info profile hoping to get to the tip this friday for a weigh in, it would be a considerable amount of weight I've hoiked. One worry I have is that my rear wheels are a no net gain as i went alloy but they've got a mumma chunka tyre on them so am hoping to pick up a different pair for the front.
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