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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
So far,we've got a number of considerations to think about and there's no generic recipes for low drag mirrors.
Drag will be affected by:
*distance from body
*shape of housing
*shape of mounting stalk
*frontal area
*local velocity
*local flow pattern
*degree of mirror inset from 'end' of housing
Here you can see the difference in drag for a solid body of revolution with a prolate elliptical nose.The lowest drag bodies are rather 'long.'
Hi Aero, was hoping you'd chime in. I was thinking more of moulding a shape similar to that of the ideal bodies discussed over at the aero thread for the entire car shape. So it would be a large side mirror in all aspects.
I've got some clay to form on one and see how a tuft test goes (Whether its accurate over such a short length and small area I don't know). Will upload pictures as I'm not sure I'm explaining it the best.
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