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Originally Posted by 2000mc View Post
I was thinking there was probably as much in the platform as any aspect. The ev1 / s-series became the ion / cobalt, which became the Volt / Cruze
I'm pretty sure the EV1 was not on the same kind of chassis. To make a lightweight EV, you need to integrate the batteries into the chassis. Indeed, looking it up, it uses a backbone chassis with the batteries integrated into the central backbone.

Wasn't aware of the connection of Cruze to Cobalt. Yes, according to Wikipedia, one was Delta I and the other Delta II, but I am not aware of any connection between the two platforms, as the latter was developed by Opel, not GM.

Furthermore, the engineering for the Cruze took place mostly at Daewoo/GMDAT, where it was designed as a replacement for the Lacetti (Suzuki Forenza to yon Americans) further distancing it from the US-only Cobalt.
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