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Originally Posted by ocnorb View Post
Took delivery on Saturday. My commute is 35 miles or so round trip, but I've carpooled with my wife one day and I went for a drive on Sunday so its about 110 miles since Saturday.

On Monday I left home with 44 miles on battery, arrived at work showing 27 miles of battery left. Long hill out of work had me back up to 30 miles of battery when I hit the highway! Awesome regen. We then drove across town to have dinner and pulled back into our driveway with 1 mile left. Also it was 100 F outside according to my dash display so A/C was using more battery than usual.
The range indication, aka, guess-o-meter, is an algorithm that uses a bunch of factors, like outside temperature and recent driving history to calculate an expected range. It is easily fooled and gets somewhat confused if the engine is used. Suddenly going into or coming out of hills, changing winds and such also lead to inaccurate calculations. On the energy display, the kW-hr used since last full charge is often more useful.

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