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Originally Posted by ocnorb View Post
After going over the peak I shifted to regeneration (L) and dropped down into Midway. The battery meter just kept climbing until it hit 60 miles!!! I must have actually been charging the top 20% of battery capacity that GM reserves.
There's a tiny buffer above the SOC (State-Of-Charge) maximum, but otherwise, no the car will not allow charging to the top. Tesla and some other BEVs do allow that, but even they admit battery life suffers. GMs goal is 5000 complete charge/discharge cycles without significant reduction in range. This "forced" durability is also why that the battery pack is also actively cooled and/or heated as required.

If one is on a long downhill using regen and the battery is at the max allowed SOC, the Volt will use one motor against the other to provided the expected drag on the car, but without putting further energy into the battery.
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