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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I have the same complaint about the linked video. Also, none of them show how it works. Is air compressed by the fluid to store the energy?

I don't see this as catching on for passenger vehicles, mostly because we are at the tail end of ICE in this application. With EVs becoming more popular, they will eventually eliminate even the modest mechanical complexity of hydraulics.

This seems more suited to garbage trucks and delivery vehicles as others have commented.
Does the method of energy conversion in a Nissan Leaf exclude it from having a hydraulic hybrid powertrain, or would you rather keep the friction brakes.

In fact in a battery electric configuration there would be no need to modulate the vehicle speed by restricting the energy flow to the motor since it would be done at each wheel individually and could even be intentionally imbalanced to enhance handling. All you need is on and off, replenish reserves, or off, the vehicle being driven by the accumulator.


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