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I was stationed in Germany for two years. It is a beautiful country that I missed dearly while I was in Afghanistan. I tried to learn German. I am fluent in Spanish and supposedly, one's third language is learned easier than the second, but Spanish was easy for me, and German was a challenge. I like to think that I am patient, but I tried using Rosetta Stone before I went to Germany and I remember pounding on my parents' kitchen table and shouting "What are you trying to tell me?!"

I do not know if you watched "Star Trek," but in one episode of Next Generation, Counselor Troi holds up a mug and says a word in her native language. Captain Picard thought that she meant one word, but she explained that she could have been saying "mug," "tea," "hot," or other possibilities.

I felt that Rosetta Stone was too vague when it simply showed a picture.

I tried using what little I had learn when I left post, but everyone talked to me in English.

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