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Got my second tank after "adjusting the nut behind the wheel" and bumping tire inflation up to 40 psi (35 psi recommended, 44 psi max. sidewall). Result was 26.9 mpg. I had to use the A/C much of the time as it's been unusually hot here in Ohio for September.

This tank will have less A/C use for sure. It's cool enough in the mornings to just use the vent. Which begs a question--what's the impact of using vent vs. using A/C, and how much does the temperature setting of the A/C affect fuel economy?

I've taken all extraneous items out of the Rondo, but it wasn't much; maybe 20 lbs. total. What I haven't taken out is the (a) the spare tire and (b) the roof rack, though I did get a can of Fix-A-Flat. I figure I'm saving more than enough gas in a year to justify my AAA membership if I need the car to be towed, anyway. The spare tire and the roof rack combined would, I think, yield FAR more weight reduction than 20 lbs.

Problem with the roof rack is that I simply can't take the cross beams off. I more or less have to remove the OEM roof rack as one unit. I know how to do that; it's plugging the holes I'm not crazy about.

What kind of mileage boost would I be looking at if I removed the entire assembly? Like 1% or 2%?

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