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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
This is awesome info. I just made a change where it will show every fault that happens rather than just one of them.
That sounds like a good improvement!

Also, I can make the rotor test probably 100 times faster now too.
It is a bit long to wait through. Faster is better if it's just as reliable. If it's even a bit less reliable, leave it long, in my opinion!

Although we know what your rotor time constant is, so you probably never need to run it again. haha. Once you know it, it's fixed for the life of the motor.
Is that one of those things that we need to run the autotune for when we change a motor at work?

In fact, anyone in the country that wants to know what their EVTV rotor time constant is, we can now tell them. It's a critical variable in the FOC code, and is NEVER on the name plate. And in fact even when I've called the motor manufacturers, they never even knew what a rotor time constant was, let alone had the value available.

So, just for posterity, that motor's is about 0.046 seconds.

How is your 24v supply hooked up?
Not sure I understand the question, but here goes:
- 12V battery through switch and fuse to dc/dc
- 24V dc/dc output to the terminals on the controller
- steal 24V for the encoder, since it won't work under 9V ... and it *REALLY* seems to prefer 24V. Use the ground on the encoder connection to the control board
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