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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
The FOC code is running through over 10,000RPM (2 pole pairs) in order to produce 5,000RPM of revolution. That may be too fast for the 10kHz control loop... I wonder if we should bump the A/D readings up to 20kHz, and do the IGBT switching still at 10kHz...
Are you doing averaging on the A/D readings? Are there other signal conditioning delays? Not that it's bad to increase the speed, more speed is usually better .. but I'm curious how you deal with the noisy environment

That would mean needing to boost the microcontroller frequency from 14.7MHz up to 29MHz. That's no big deal. It's a 30MHz microcontroller. Fortunately you don't need to go over 10,000RPM mechanical! haha.
10,000 rpm mechanical would vibrate a bunch of stuff apart in my test rig. I don't think there is much torque in the band above 6000 or 7000 ... if I remember the Siemens curve. I can't lay hands on it right now.
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