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Wow! and a big BANG!

Shoot - this sounds like too much fun - LOL!

So, I decided to join in. I've got this old abused 1st gen controller board powered up. When supplied 15V, I have a 25V and 5V supply output. I've checked a few other places on the control board and they seem ok, except for the 5V high supply to the driver boards.

Paul - sorry this took sooo long.
The LED is not on; not sure if the PIC is on; it's supplied with 5V.

Do you have any "wake up" or easy spin test code?

If I can get this working, I have a 3phase power stage that can be used for testing. It uses Powerex modules for driving some smaller IGBT's.

Also - thingstodo - you can get a very nice OE throttle pedal for really cheap! It has 2 hall-effect sensors and is already connected to a pedal! The Prius throttle pedal does all this, and it's been built to Toyota quality specs.
04 05 06 07 08 09 Toyota Prius Gas Pedal Throttle Accelerator 78120 47050 | eBay

I've got the service data for it if you're interested.
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