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So, according to Paul, it sounds very possible to not have a whiny car. It also sounds like one could easily adjust frequency according to operating parameters. Thus, one could have a daily driver/ track car that could be quiet for commuting, and (in another mode) make use off all power potential (but be whiney and less efficient). Awesome!

The motor inductance, actually the impedance since there is resistance as well, is a pretty effective low pass filter. The control *SHOULD* not be much different at 16K versus 8K.
The best info I can find is the inductance for the motors I'm using is very low - 1.4mH to about 3mH ( It varies due to phase angle, I think )

What's the inductance on the big ( 75hp ) motors, in general? Isn't motor inductance lower at higher power levels ( in general ) It seems as the inductance decreases, the smoothing would work better at higher frequencies. True??

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