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Thanks for your interest Balto, COcyclist, BabyDiesel, Insight for Life, pgfpro, and Red Devil. I will do my best to show pictures and the why for all my mods. I'm sure I will change my mind on some things as more data is complied, but I am committed to keep this car above 100 MPG for the next 12 months.

CowMeat, You are right about the Civics. Looks like I don't have the skills to get even the VX over the 100 MPG goal line.

I will be glad to provide any and all pictures and the reasons for any mods, even if we find out later they didn't work as planned.

I do plan on signing up for the Gen 1 team. Thanks for the invitation.

You are right about me missing the 1000 mile mark on this tank. I still had 2 bars showing on the gas gauge when I stopped at the pump for the fill up. I was using the "A" trip meter for the trip home and thought I would be over 1000 miles for the tank. I only looked at the "B" trip meter after the fill up to find I had not actually made it. I wrote it off as another "senior" moment!!

Thanks for your interest.
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