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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
What's the inductance on the big ( 75hp ) motors, in general? Isn't motor inductance lower at higher power levels ( in general ) It seems as the inductance decreases, the smoothing would work better at higher frequencies. True??
Not sure - I've never had the need to measure it.

We regularly check phase resistance to determine if there has been damage to the motor windings (too much heat, coil insulation breaks down, resistance is no longer the same between phases)

Most of them are Y connected, 3 lug motors. If there is an easy way to measure (I don't know of one) - I have access to a scopemeter, multimeter ... variac ... not much else at work. At home I have more equipment but the motors are not at home

I would expect that the motor is a better filter as the motor HP goes up and the inductance goes down. The inductance needs to go down, or the motor current would not go higher .. and you would not get more HP.

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