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Here is a list of the current mods that have already been made to this car. I plan on showing pictures and explanations for all of them here. If you have any one you are interested in, let me know, and I will cover it first.

MIMA/PIMA IMA battery control of regen and assist functions of the IMA battery.

Genesis One grid charger. This item and the above one where sold by Mike Dabrowski over on the Insight Central site, but are no longer available. This is the main reason we decided the purchase this particular Insight.

OBD2C&C from to monitor IMA SOC, volts and amps.

Wideband O2 senor and gauge

Manual adjustable Warm air intake attached to the catalytic converter.

Manual adjustable Grill block

Bridgestone RE 92 low rolling resistance tires mounted on alloy 14"X4" Insight space saver spare rims. (with vinyl "moon" covers)

100 AH LIPO4 deep cycle battery with DC/DC converter bypass switch.

FAS injector "kill switch" This item was already installed on the car also.

Pre heaters for water(block and circulating thru radiator), oil, and transmission fluid.

Relocated OEM outside air temp sensor from front of grill to top of engine to "spoof" sensor to read higher outside temps. Also added another temp sensor beside this one connected to a gauge to read this temp from the instrument panel.

Relocated the OEM intake air temp senor close to the catalytic converter inside new WAI tube to "spoof" computer into thinking intake temps are higher. Also added another air temp sensor to this one attached to a gauge on the instrument panel.

Extended OEM front belly pan to enclose more of the engine compartment to the rear and sides.

Added all new LED lights including head lights.(did not replace rear brake light bulbs).

Added the following gauges and instruments:

Water temp in upper and lower radiator hoses.

Oil temp and oil pressure with a "sandwich" between the oil filter and oil cooler.

Air temp sensors in front of grill, in engine bay, where the OEM AIT sensor was formally located, inside cabin, and on the LIPO4 battery.

Added a volt, amp, and amp hour meter to the LIPO4 12 volt deep cycle battery.

Added a MPGuino so I can monitor instant and trip to date MPG without the 2 minute delay of the Insight gauge.

Now I have a "see thru" instrument panel

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