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Update for Sep 16

Got the encoder mount modified, screwed down, and connected to the motor.

The motor output shaft is a spline, but DUCT TAPE to the rescue! With enough wraps of duct tape, the encoder adapter seems to work fine. And I lucked out with the alignment - no wobble that I can feel!

Got the firmware installed, powered it up and did a run-rotor-test.

Results in foc-test-10 . I recognized a test without encoder feedback. It took a while to run but came back .. not with 0's but a few 4's and 8's ?

Checked out the encoder and one wire fell off the encoder connector. So I stripped back the wire and put it temporarily on.

foc-test-11 is run-rotor-test with the temporary encoder channel.

The test seemed successful until it hit max speed and shut down.

foc-test-12 is run-rotor-test with the max-speed set to 9700 rpm (the motor lists 10,000 rpm as max)

The test went well until neat the end when it began to surge and hunt. There was regen involved and I had to keep a hand on the motor to make sure it stayed where it was (turns out I had the DC motor bolted down, and the AC motor bolted to the DC motor ... so other than the fact it weighs 150 lbs and is kinda square, there was nothing holding down the AC motor)

After the test concluded I had good numbers. But the motor was rotating (??) Index 13 was the best so I chose that one rotor-constant-index 13.

The rotor sped up at that point (?)

The raw throttle is 0. I tried 1 a few times and got it to minimum speed .. or a low speed, anyway. 2 a few times started a run-away acceleration so I put in a few 1's again.

Then the controller rebooted and I got the AC controller welcome message.

I shut it down and started to document the tests. I have video but it won't likely be posted until the weekend when I have some time.

We may want to discuss what I can and cannot monitor on video, with a good meter, a decent meter and a crappy meter. I can use a gopro to document some other stuff if we can come up with what to monitor and how to measure it.

EDIT - video links, if anyone is interested. As usual, mostly raw footage so there is long breaks between interesting stuff

foc 10 video
encoder adjustment
foc 11 video
foc 12 video
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