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Thanks for that, I hadn't seen it before. You know Jeff Lane repro'd the original Dymaxion?

That's what car build shows should be. Clear, well edited, no throwing wrenches. I'm only about 15min in, they're just plumbing the chassis.

Edit: Well it's like they were desperate for some drama toward the end. It just kept on working. Spoiler: In the end they got 115mph out of it.

I went back to the Original Post to see were it came fromóBasjoos in 2007. The website that this car appeared on (or a clone, it's called a Maybach and the taillights are different) is up for resale. The website, not the Maybach.

To bring the thought at the top of the page forward, a 3-seat Type I Beetle existed.

Torchinsky: This Virtually Unknown Stillborn VW Prototype Is Blowing My Mind*

So it can be done, VW did it.

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