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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
The hardware overcurrent protection is basically a comparator and latching circuit that turns the IGBTs off if the current in any of the 3 phases goes outside of -600amp to 600amp (even for a couple microseconds). That's separate from the undervoltage protection circuit. The undervoltage protection disables the IGBTs if the 5v supply goes below like 4.5v and the 24v supply goes below maybe 22.5v or something like that.
When I get the video posted, you will likely watch it and say 'Oh, you are turning things off in THAT order' or something like that.

I think I have done things in different orders - high voltage off first, then 12V, 12V first while leaving the high voltage on ... I get the hardware overcurrent fault each time I turn off the 12V .. and the fault message never completes before the controller turns off.

If it the overcurrent latches before your undervoltage circuit triggers?

I'm quite certain that it is NOT an overcurrent. I think I've gotten the fault without the high voltage on at all, after doing the firmware upgrade and cycling 12V power to make sure that the output contactors cycle as they should
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