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What is next for the testing?
- I think I need to save the settings from the run-rotor-test so I can couple the DC motor and do some load tests ... if that's up next.

It would be nice to get the encoder built into the AC motor to work, I guess. I need to find a connector and some pins .. not sure how to source it though.

The Cougar controller was checked out - 0.01 ohms between B- and M-. Dead short. I was going to follow your instructions and cut off the MOSfets until the resistance rises, but would it be easier to hook up a large power supply and just increase the amps until the failed MOSfet .. melts .. burns ... stops conducting electricity? The question I have is whether that will damage anything else.

When you have the code to compare sensorless FOC and encoder-driven FOC done, I can start on that.

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