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New to the site. Hi

I've been somewhat hypermiling and not knowing it since the early 90s.
I had a 1978 pontiac pheonix which guzzled gas till i got sick of it(10-12mpg)no matter what i did, and got a 1986 toyota corolla. I got about 34-35 mpg mix driving in winter and 37 to 38 in summer. Best tank 40.1

In 1999 i bought a 98 frontier manual transmission rwd. Typically before I really tried to get good mileage I would see 26ish mpg mixed winter driving and 27.5 in the summer. Last christmas my father got me a scangauge2. I had never heard of it before. Plugged it in tried to keep my rpms low, load low and within months i was improving by a few mpg. Winter just isnt great for mpg.

This summer though been really trying to wring all i can out of it. Im now seeing pure highway mpg of about 28 to 31 depending on headwinds and availability of semis to get behind. My best improvement though is rural empty roads and town driving of 31+ mpg. My route to work is nearly empty rural road, i go about 50 to 55(downhillls) and round trip usually end up around 30 to 33.5 mpg. My last tank was 30.5 mpg with the scangauge accurate to about .1 gallon for the tank on the refill.

Based on these numbers i want to do some aeromodding that doesnt effect its use as an actual usefull truck to move stuff around in the bed, nor greatly effect its ability to drive in an open field or bumpy dirt road.

I would great appreciate any inputs.

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