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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
What a great idea!!!!! Maybe you could connect the supply to b+ and b- and yhen turn up the amps, measuring the heat of the rightmost leg of all 10 with your finger? Are any of the gate resistors cracked? That is sometimes a clue which one has problems.
I know that the first one in line, as you look at B+ and B-, has a scorch mark. The damage on that one is pretty obvious. Not sure about the others but I will look at the gate resistors.

Do they crack because they overheat? Getting my finger onto the gate resistor is easier than getting to the correct leg of the MOSfet.

Darn! I wish I could find my infrared gun! I don't use it often, but it is useful when I do. I would also like to start tracking motor temperature as we get into load tests. The AC will be fine for a while with liquid cooling of any sort. I expect that the netgain 9 inch will get toasty if I load it up
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