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thingstodo -

I'd like to thank you for providing that example and reminder of why shielded analog inputs are important. Sometimes it's a bit too easy to think "aww, that's not that important - it's just a matter of a few mV...."

On another note, I was reading a paper about taking measurements of motor parameters to make the control programs work better:

They mentioned an RLC tester to measure the motor inductance and very low resistances. Damn! You can measure that?? That tool must cost a lot...
Here's a nice used one - for only $37,950!
Agilent 4294A 40 Hz to 110 MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer w Fresh Calibration | eBay

But seriously, you can buy fairly nice hand-held ones from BK Precision:
Model 878B, 40,000 Count Dual Display Handheld LCR Meters - B&K Precision

Have you used anything like this at work? If so, any suggestions for what to look for in a good, affordable one?

Thanks a bunch,
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