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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
It's interesting about the RPM. I think once and for all that we need to confirm the number of pole pairs. I think next you should do that '2'<enter> thing again a few times (with the newest hex file loaded) and then hit 'a' just to see the RPM. Maybe so it's going close to 60RPM (according to the display). Try
num-pole-pairs 4

before running the test. If the real rpm was half of what was displayed, maybe we have the wrong number of pole pairs programmed in?
I'll get that done Sunday night or Monday morning.

I was going to experiment with the encoder cable for a few minutes. Put the signal on my scope - A and B - and watch what happens to the signal as the speed increases. When there is a problem, add some aluminum foil around the cable and use an alligator clip to tie it to 0V on the 24V dc/dc. Does it help or not? I'm interested in what is happening - I've never actually looked at hi frequency noise from a controller before. All I've ever wanted to do so far is get rid of it and move on with whatever I was doing

I think the pinout for the encoder built into the motor is on the EVTV web site - maybe they have the part number for the connector as well!
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