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The OG VX is For Sale!

Text or call me at (704) 408-7395; Daniel

We’ll, the time has come for me to part ways with the OG VX. I wasn’t planning to sell it, but life has taken a turn of late, in we are in need of funds for other things. Honestly, out of all of my project cars, this is the hardest one to let go. I think the new owner will find this to be a true “driver’s car”. I guarantee you’ll fall in love within 5 minutes of driving it.

Rather than eeking through a mod list, please just read my build thread from top to bottom. I know that it is long, but to be blunt, I don’t want to sell the car to someone who hasn’t read it. I figure if a person doesn’t care enough to read about how this project evolved to this state, than they likely will not take proper care of the vehicle after buying it.

My build thread on EcoModder can be found by clicking here.

Also, don’t be surprised if I call you about a year from now and make an offer to buy it back from you. Seriously, I probably will!

Asking price: $4,500.00.

1992 Civic VX; drivetrain is completely stock. Only mods are aero and lowering springs.

186,000 miles or so on the odometer.

Good Stuff: Car is mega smooth on the road (drive with a finger at cruise); 65 average city/hwy MPG with NO EOC and car-on at idle. I don't do all that crazy mess, and car is still breaking 65 easy this summer. This VX is mechanically strong, no issues. Great tires, though they are due for a rotation.

Bad Stuff: Needs a new radio. The car will need new front brake pads in about 5K miles or so. Not an urgent need, however. I just noticed them getting thinner when I was working on my custom fenders. The car could also use an alignment, as I never did this after putting on the Eibach lowering springs. As a result, It has a very slight pull to the right.

Here's three preview pics of a shoot i did earlier today:

Here's a Slideshow of the complete shoot, with about 60 pics:
1992 Civic VX- For Sale Story by DanTaylorJr123 | Photobucket

Here's a .gif of how the rear hatch is accessed.

Text or call me at (704) 408-7395; Daniel

Thanks for looking.

"Yesterday as I was going in to the shop, I came upon a recently killed Armadillo in the middle of the road with one front leg sticking up. As I passed over him he "High Fived" my air dam. I thought that showed a great attitude on his part." -The Donkey CRX

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