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Now the other head gasket is [allegedly] leaking!

I may later censor and link the original inspection, 12/08, and 122,435 miles:

Good: Washer fluid (leaked all over the parking lot, which they mentioned verbally)
Transmission fluid: Leaking from wire harness
Brake fluid: Dirty and due for service (clear)
Power steering fluid: Dirty (Subarus use ATF! They did not notice that it was the wrong color?!)
Engine air cleaner: Little dirty
Requires immediate attention: Right side head gasket leaking
Oil cooler o-ring leaking
Right front inner DOJ (CV) boot leaking (also ripped to shreds)
Front and rear diffs due for service
Dirty fluid (the differentials? They opened it? There is not a dipstick!)

So, now that I replaced the right head gasket and windshield washer reservoir, had a mechanic check the brake fluid, flushed the power steering fluid, had the mechanic check the engine air cleaner and replace the half shaft:

09/21 and 123,840 miles:
Fog lights do not turn on (they did not notice before?)
Front wipers bad (I checked recently and did not replace because they felt fine and worked properly)
Passenger spray does not work (apparently)
Rear sprayer does not work
[All marked "will require further attention," not "requires immediate attention"]
Transmission leaking
Front diff leaking
Timing cover leaking (time?!)
Left head gasket leaking
Rear diff leaking
Where were all of these leaks 1,405 miles ago?!
Power steering leaking from reservoir.

I had someone contact me last night and they are waiting to hear back about the inspection. The one that KBB said $1,885, so he would not pay more than two thousand came back and said that he might pay $2,500-2,700. I have appointments tomorrow with the two other Subaru dealerships in the area, where they very well may not agree on anything whatsoever, but I am going to find another shop so I can report something. If they say the head gasket is leaking then it sure looks like I am out of luck.

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