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Originally Posted by holzhoechi View Post
I think when you can inject vapour only into your burning chamber, it would give me better fuel economy.
A lot of unburnt fuel goes out the catalytic exhaust.
this quote:
Originally Posted by UFO View Post
Can you explain how you expect to get increased fuel efficiency by vaporizing your fuel if you understand it does not change thermal or combustion efficiency?
and your answer:
Originally Posted by holzhoechi View Post
Are you sure about these 99 %? he said he was being generous, so, no! then it would make no sense to me testing a vapour system. it never made sense in the beginning.
I red that a catalytic converter is mainly used as an emissions control device that converts toxic pollutants to less toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction.
and I thought !! the catalytic converter is also used for the unburnt fuel to burn/vaporise? and? what does that have to do with economy? are you going to run your car off the catalytic converter?
do you really think most of us think you were born yesterday? have you no radio, tv, internet, newspaper, ect in Bukarest (can't even get that right, it's spelled Bucharest)? do you understand the nuance of the English language? there won't be an in-depth discussion of vaporizing fuel here, use google search and read away. sorry to be the a$$ but felt the need.
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