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That's Ironic that you started this thread up. I've been reading your tests and have been thinking about it for a while now. Just this past Sunday this is what I did. I'm doing this in preparation for some wild ideas I have.....Anyway. I cut that battery cable going to the altenator. My plan was to use a plain old bosch relay and throw a toggle in on the dash. But when I flipped the fuse cover and saw that massive 70amp fuse in there I instantly decided to use a Continous Duty Solenoid. Like a Ford starter solenoid. Well I wired it up and it works great. It makes a big difference at idle. I can't really tell at 55 mph....I don't see a difference on the vacuum gauge or tach. If I get a chance this weekend I'll post some pics on this thread.

Question: What do you think the % gain mpg wise would be If the Altenator was to be driven off of the right rear wheel?

Has anyone ever made an altenator spin just from air/wind speed?

How about a 1 Litre Street rod?
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