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Update for Sep 24

Summary: My encoder no longer works with the AC controller

I added aluminum foil to both sides of the unshielded cat5 cable, and connected it to the ground on the power supply. I ran the controller and the motor was controlled like there was no encoder signal. a<enter> shows rpm is 0, then 110, then -4 ...

OK. Remove one half of the aluminum foil. The controller acts the same way. Darn.

OK. Remove the other half of the aluminum foil. The controller acts the same way.

Cycle power and try again. Same result.

OK. This is bad.

Check voltages on the encoder. 24V in, 0V in - check. Channel A out, 14.775 volts. Channel B out, 14.75 volts. That seems OK ... Hmm.

Perhaps it is time to make a cable for the encoder built into the Siemens motor. It appears that the power source is 5V, so the motor can be directly connected to the controller. I need to put female pins on one end and a 5 pin 0.1 header on the other end.

I wonder if the controller can do decent control with only 64 pulses per revolution?

Hey - what if I shorted the output of the encoder somehow with the tin foil? I still have Abar and Bbar signals (inverse of A and B). If I can't get the siemens encoder working, I'll likely try this encoder again with Abar and Bbar.

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