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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Normally the controller's 5 pin connector QEI supplies the +5v and ground for the signals. what is the ground of your 24v supply (that powers the encoder)?
It is the ground from the 5 pin header. 24V is supplied from the DC/DC converter

Is it the same ground that is used as the input of the How is it connected to the ground on the controller? is the +5v generated on the control board connected to the +5v generated by the voltage divider?
DC/DC 24V -------------------------------------encoder +

5 pin A ----------------------10K resistor-------encoder A
                         5K resistor
5 pin gnd ---------------------------------------encoder gnd
                         5K resistor
5 pin B ----------------------10K resistor-------encoder B

15ish volt output of the encoder -> 10K in series with encoder signal 
drops about 10V -> 5K across controller A and gnd give 4.7 - 4.9V signal
did that make any sense?

The aluminum foil was a single wrap around the cat5 cable from encoder to my little circuit board, then from the circuit board to the controller. But, since it is conductive ... it may have touched something that it should not have?
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