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Originally Posted by metromizer View Post
Don't you think that's being just a little critical?

Have you ever done an engine and computer swap like this?

Not everyone has the skills to pull this off, in fact, I'd say dam few have the skills and tenacity to gather the components, let alone get it to fire then pass emissions at the ref station. Talk about jumping through hoops...
It could be a bit critical, but then again so can anything else, my opinion as well as the opinion of others included. Yes, I've done a swap like this. Gathering the components isn't too bad, and could probably be done cheaper than my estimates IMO. Firing is just a matter of hooking everything up as per the factory manual, then troubleshooting/replacing/returning if something doesn't work. The ref inspection is just like any other smog check, just a bit more in the way of a visual inspection. Odds are, they'll poke around, make sure everything is factory, be it CA or Fed, and run it on the dyno for smog. Takes an hour or two and $30 IIRC.
Originally Posted by metromizer View Post
It will sell for exactly what it's worth, not a penny more. If the market will bear it, who cares? My friend's shop does V8 EFI swaps. There are so many unforeseen problems and issues he encounters, he won't even give a firm-fixed price quote. it's an industry standard. Why? If he did, he'd loose his shop in a matter of months.
A matter of months? Only if he didn't know how to figure an average... Like I said before, I never said that it isn't worth whatever it sells for, I just said that the profit margins are excessive IMO.

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