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I started testing the sensorless late last night. It was using just a bit too much processing time to smooth out and correct Ialpha, Ibeta, Valpha, Vbeta, and derivative(Ialpha) and derivative(Ibeta), so I'm bumping it up to 29.5MHz instead of the 14.7MHz. oh well! haha. An extra 0.3watt or something like that for sensorless.

I think the ground loop thing might be right. Also, the stepped down +5v signal would be from the +24v supply, which was unfiltered, whereas the +5v supply from the controller was filtered, so combining the 2 5v signals might introduce 5v noise? The nice thing is you can short circuit the 5v regulator all day long and it won't care, so I doubt anything too terrible is broken. Plus, the 64 tick encoder on the motor is more than enough. PLus, it will be sensorless in no time! so who cares! haha.
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