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Hi all. New here..

I've been reading the project over at Instructables - - with great interest. I've also read the code on GitHub and tried to follow along. Awsome work! (PS Paul, I sent you a PM over there about the schematics and such..)

This is the project that wants me to try going electric. One of my criterias is that the car should perform like it did (or better) on petrol.

One thing I have in mind is charging. I don't want to use a lot of space (and weight) on a big charger to top off the batteries needed to keep up with inverter. I've been doing some research and found this:

If you look at the 3th picture - "all you need" is a rectifier and a filter on the mains to charge the car using the motor controller's regen function. - or is it?

If it's doable - is this somthing that this controller can handle?

Another question: How does the controller know the voltage sendt (also with regen) back to the batteries? I mean, so you don't get an early new years eve show..

- About me: Engineer in automation (industrial) - great interest in programming, electronics and cars

(sorry about the links - post count is to low for "real" links)

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