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Originally Posted by danibjor View Post

Here in Norway we have 3-phase 400v, so that would make for a supercharger if 3-phase could be used - all built into the inverter without much extra cost.

Charging a 6-800v batterypack with decent range would take some time with a regular charget - not to mention the price tag on a charger of that scale.

If the controller can handle the charging too - that would be a great leap forward in DIY EV.

- Daniel
Boy, that would be awesome! I paid a fair chunk of change to get 3phase 480 in my machine shop years ago. Rectified 3 phase is a LOT smoother than rectified single phase.

My solar system puts out about 360VDC. I'd love to do something simpler like a 2X boost converter as my charger using the DC from my solar system. I think this is completely do-able with the motor controller, but I'm not sure what the advantage would be.

For a charger, to control the voltage, I built a system that uses the BMS's information to control the charger. It tracks the voltage of each cell, turning of/on the charger based on that information. (pulsed charging method) The boost converter's controller controls current, and the current is driven by the difference between the boost converter's voltage and the pack's voltage. So, in a way, the output voltage of the charger is not important.

BTW, I'm also going for the fun side for my EV. As a base, it's starting with an AWD Mitsubishi Eclipse. The final car will be AWD, with much better suspension and power control. The weight will be the same, or lower than the original car with slightly more power. (but a LOT more usable torque. )

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