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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
Well, when I went from my 185/65R14 to 165/65R14 I went up 8mpg on the low side, and 15 on the high side. Tires make a huge, huge difference in mileage. Weight and RR I think play the biggest role, more so then actual tire size.

Edit: An example today, round trip going to work, on a good day when I hit all green lights I used get 51mpg max. Today, I got 54.7 and I wasn't even trying, hit most red lights and stopped to get something to eat.
Do you realise that your change in tyres means your speedo now reads 4% too fast - and therfore 4% more distance than you are really going. So you may not really have the improvement you think from the smaller tyres. Enter the 2 sizes into a tyre comparison site and you will see that your new tyres get less distance per rotation

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