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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Hi, MetroMPG.

I can work around this, but it's anomalous. Examples are the two most recent pictures here:

Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum - - freebeard's Album: My cars

I'm using a scanner so that some of the pictures need rotation. I do that in Mac OSX Preview application and save successfully. The picture appears correctly oriented on my desktop. When I import into the album it is re-un-rotated again.

I went back to the desktop and took a screen grab of exactly what I see there and imported it. That's the most recent one, the PNG. The original is a JPEG. Heck—here they are:

It may not be vBulletin's problem. But if Preview saves the original and an edit list, like some other programs do, how does that get captured in JPEG and how does vBulletin know to do that?

It's spooky! A reproducable glitch in the Matrix.
The sideways picture displays correctly if I save it to my Mac. And I see this in the picture info: Orientation: 8 (Rotated 90° CCW)

My version of Preview (Version 4.2 (469.5) on OS 10.5.8) seems to save the pictures truly rotated. I rarely use that feature, since I have Photoshop Elements.

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