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Originally Posted by e*clipse View Post
Also - what does this do? - the "bultin_mulss" part??
(_builtin_mulss(Vd, sin_theta_times32768)

- E*clipse

Built-in functions that are specific to 16-bit devices, that give the C programmer access to assembler operators or machine instructions that are currently only accessible using inline assembly, but are sufficiently useful that they are applicable to a broad range of applications. Built-in functions are coded in C source files syntactically like function calls, but they are compiled to assembly code that directly implements the function, and do not involve function calls or library routines.

Computes the product p0 x p1. 
Function arguments are signed integers, and the function result is a signed long integer. 
The command-line option -Wconversions can be used to detect unexpected sign conversions.

Prototype: signed long __builtin_mulss(const signed int p0, const signed int p1);

Argument: p0 multiplicand 
          p1 multiplier

Return Value: Returns the signed long integer value of the product p0 x p1.

Assembler Operator / Machine Instruction: mul.s
- Daniel
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